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Vapor Products Tax

Vapor Products Tax is the online source of news, data and analysis of taxation of vapor products, such as electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco.

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Vapor Products Tax

Vapor Products Tax, the online source of news, data and analysis of taxation of vapor products, such as electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco. These non-combustible products generate a vapor for inhaling by electronically heating a liquid solution, generally containing nicotine derived from tobacco, or a mixture of tobacco and flavorings.

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Tax Data Center

The Data Center provides profiles of markets that impose excise taxes on electronic cigarettes and/or heated tobacco products. Each profile contains a summary of basic excise indicators such as the taxable base and the tax rate as well as links to relevant legislation and tax regulations. The scope of the Vapor Products Tax Data Center is global.

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The Library

The Library features reports, blog posts and other publications concerning the taxation of vapor products prepared by government agencies and other official sources. Scholarly articles and studies from academics, tax specialists and industry experts are also available.

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Use the Tax Data Center to learn about tax regulations in specific country and regions.

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Philip Gambaccini

Philip Gambaccini

Phil is a seasoned executive with international experience in trade finance, FMCG strategy and indirect taxation. He is a consultant, writer and speaker about vapor products taxation currently based in Switzerland.

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December 7, 2017

Taxes on heated tobacco are trending below those on cigarettes

Last month the South Korean Parliament voted to apply the individual consumption tax on heated tobacco products at a rate equivalent to 89% of the tax levied on traditional cigarettes. The move by South Korean lawmakers preserves but significantly reduces the tax discount for lower risk vapor products compared to the rates applied to combustible…

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May 31, 2017

US GAO reports on imports of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids

March 21, 2017 PDF

EU survey on e-cigarettes and the Tobacco Excise Directive released

December 16, 2016 PDF

New Nicotine Alliance briefing paper on possible revision of EU Tobacco Excise Directive

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