New England states tax vapor products

Two more states have introduced excise taxes on electronic cigarettes and liquids

Hungary lowers its excise tax on e-cigarettes

In an effort to reduce illegal imports of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids the Government of Hungary has lowered the excise tax on e-liquids to a level more in line those in neighboring countries.

NBER study shows e-cigarette tax increased adult smoking

A high rate of tax applied to electronic cigarettes in the state of Minnesota deterred current smokers from quitting and increased smoking prevalence

U.S. Congress considers tax on nicotine

The Ways and Means Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives will review a proposal to tax nicotine

Excise tax update: Wisconsin and Washington D.C.

New and revised taxes on vapor products in Wisconsin and the nation's capital

States introduce more complex taxes on vapor products

Connecticut and Washington have applied two tiered excise tax structures to vapor products based on product format and volume