States introduce more complex taxes on vapor products

Connecticut and Washington have applied two tiered excise tax structures to vapor products based on product format and volume

Congress approves vapor products taxes in the Philippines

Effective 1 January 2020 excise taxes will be levied on heated tobacco products and nicotine liquids used in electronic cigarettes.

U.S. states introduce excise taxes on vapor products

Driven by revenue needs and concerns over vaping safety eight US states tax vapor products; taxes differ for open vs. closed system products

Vermont imposes 92% tax on vapor products

New legislation in Vermont desgned to limit youth vaping through an increased tax on e-cigarette devices and liquids

More vapor taxes come to the Middle East

Jordan and Saudi Arabia are introducing excise taxes on electronic cigarettes

IARC supports risk-based taxation of vapor products

Cancer research agency endorses the use of risk-based taxation as a means of reducing the harm caused by tobacco use