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Differential taxation and heated tobacco products: Do lower excise taxes guarantee higher profits?

In this article we address the impact of different cost structures among competing categories of tobacco products.

U.S. states introduce excise taxes on vapor products

Driven by revenue needs and concerns over vaping safety eight US states tax vapor products; taxes differ for open vs. closed system products

U.S. States prepare to tax heated tobacco products

While dozens of state consider taxes on e-cigarettes a small number are preparing to tax heated tobacco products.

Montana voters reject tax on vapor products

Montana's ballot initiative I-185 to raise tobacco taxes and introduce an excise tax on e-cigs and other vapor products appears to be defeated

Indonesia will tax e-liquid

Starting 1 July 2018 Indonesia will apply the Tobacco Products Excise Tax to "extracts and essences" of tobacco (i.e. e-liquid)

More taxes on heated tobacco expected in Korea

The recent tax increase on heated tobacco products presages additional rate hikes.