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U.S. states introduce excise taxes on vapor products

Driven by revenue needs and concerns over vaping safety eight US states tax vapor products; taxes differ for open vs. closed system products

U.S. States prepare to tax heated tobacco products

While dozens of state consider taxes on e-cigarettes a small number are preparing to tax heated tobacco products.

Montana voters reject tax on vapor products

Montana's ballot initiative I-185 to raise tobacco taxes and introduce an excise tax on e-cigs and other vapor products appears to be defeated

Indonesia will tax e-liquid

Starting 1 July 2018 Indonesia will apply the Tobacco Products Excise Tax to "extracts and essences" of tobacco (i.e. e-liquid)

More taxes on heated tobacco expected in Korea

The recent tax increase on heated tobacco products presages additional rate hikes.

Slovak Republic approves smokeless tobacco excise

Blog: excise tax introduced on heated tobacco products